Should Home Buyers Be Present for the Home Inspection?

Temple Schneider Callahan
Published on March 9, 2017

Should Home Buyers Be Present for the Home Inspection?


 I’ve got another great Ventura Home Buyer question to share with you..

“Should buyers be present for the home inspection?”

This is a really great question.  Answer… YES. The buyers should be present for the home inspection. This is really important.

The 411 on the Home Inspection..

The home inspection itself can take anywhere from 1 hour, to 3 hours, depending on the size of the property.  Some folks prefer to be there from start to finish and shadow the Home Inspector during the inspection, while other folks prefer to show up at the end of the Home Inspection, and walk around with the Home Inspector for a verbal summary of his or her findings.  The latter usually takes about 30 minutes.

What happens at the end of the Home Inspection?

At the end of the Home Inspection, a home buyer can expect to be handed right then – or emailed shortly thereafter, a written Home Inspection Report, detailing all of the Inspector’s findings.  This report is really helpful in disclosing items about the property’s condition.  Another thing that the home inspection provides is specific information on repairs needed – then, and potentially in the future.  The home buyer’s real estate agent will then use this report to negotiate repairs needed and / or a seller credit back to the buyer, during escrow.

When should the Home Inspection take place?

The actual Home Inspection, and the request for repairs / request for credit back, should happen prior to the home buyers releasing their inspection contingency.  As an aside, a seller is not required to comply with any home buyer repair requests / buyer credit requests, but the buyer can always choose to cancel the escrow if an agreement cannot be reached by the home buyer and home seller.

What’s the least the Home Buyer should do?

So, at minimum, a home buyer should be present for the 30-minute summary of the Home Inspection. Which is a walk-through and a verbal summation of the Home Inspector’s findings. You definitely want to be there for that.  So make sure you are! 👍🏼

Who am I… and why do I know so much? lol..

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Should Home Buyers Be Present for the Home Inspection?
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